Andy in the Cloud

From BBC Basic to and beyond…


I started this blog to share some thoughts, ideas and opinions around my main passion in life computing, or more specifically these days Cloud computing. Who knows maybe I’ll go stray now and again into some of my others as well!

I am currently working for as CTO. Enjoying working and at times coding hard with everyone to make this new startup company a raging success! Along with our friends at and UNIT4. I am pleased to have been selected as a MVP!

I am a Salesforce MVP. For more information on the Salesforce MVP community, visit: Salesforce, Force,, Chatter, and others are trademarks of, inc. and are used here with permission.

Any views expressed on this blog are entirely my own.


127 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I’m having trouble using Declarative Lookup on salesforce. How could I get in touch?

  2. The Declarative Rollup looks great, is it free to use?

  3. Hi Andrew, I have a requirement where i need to develop a VF page through which i am able to create queue. So i can have functionality where user can create queue without having access to access to setup area and other permissions.

    Is there anyway to create custom queue page. Can you provide me some directions on same and if there is any other useful info related to it.

  4. I’m trying to download Declarative Lookup but am getting message that the package has been deprecated and can no longer be installed. Saying I should try installing a newer version or contact the package owner. Is there another version available and if so, how do I get a copy?

  5. that should have said- from app exchange, not – for app exchange

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