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385 thoughts on “New Tool : Declarative Rollups for Lookups!

  1. Is there a resource list of Relationship Criteria options that can be used (as it relates to Relative dates)?

    I need to Sum invoice totals from the last 12 months. We use the rollup to do YTD already and the Relationship Criteria is: Posting_Date__c = THIS_YEAR. What can I use so we can get LAST 12 MONTHS?

    (I would even settle for Last 365 Days, if needed)

  2. Hi – our organization is have issues with the DLRS tool not calculating correctly and on many occasions not at all, at which point we have to click the calculate button manually to get it to calculate.

    I did not see any sort of support page, so I am hoping you can reach out and help us resolve this. This internal case has become high priority.

    • Support is community driven as this is an open source initiative. Check out the chatter group link in the readme file of the repo

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