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14 thoughts on “The new GitHub Deploy to Salesforce Button!

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  2. Andy .. Did I mention how awesome you are ? …. This is great ! … Love all that you do for our community !

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, i really enjoy coding tools like this and contributing to the community, feedback like this is really motivating!

  3. You could do like the Heroku button does and resolve the repo originating a button click by inspecting the referer header, doing away with the owner and repo params – see

  4. Thats an great idea! Thanks, added to the list!

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  6. Hi Andy … I’m trying to install this package, but I am getting the authentication/ip error. I think it is because I have my domain enabled. I’ve tried in another Org with the same settings and it worked.

    • I am not aware of an issue with this tbh. It’s standard Salesforce platform functionality the package install flow, so if it’s broken it might be a Salesforce issue. What error are you seeing?

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  8. Hi Andy can this tool (deploy button) be configured to use with private github repository? I did not see any instructions in readme or blogs on this topic

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