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10 thoughts on “Change is inevitable so build for it!

  1. Absolutely incredible work / inspiration. TY so much for this – especially the LWC for syntax!

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  3. Thank you for this post, I know many of us use this site as reference material. I was looking for material to reference while trying to write up an invocable class. I am not a developer and so I may be missing the context completely, but I was under the impression apex cannot be packaged in folder, yet the source material seems neatly packed into folders.
    Could provide some pointers on how that is achieved.

    • Thanks for the kind comments – inside the project folder you can place apex and some other files where you like tbh. The thing to keep in mind is the class names still need to be unique. So it’s really just a logical layout rather than physically how they show up in the org – which is still in one list. I personally like to use inner classes a lot to provide another layer. Then there is packages and namespaces which help further modularize between projects. Hope this helps – certainly a few options at least. Andy

  4. Very cool stuff- bookmarking for later and reading again!

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