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Salesforce StackExchange : Addiction Warning


Those of you following my new blog please don’t worry, I have a number of posts in various states ready to go soon! In the meantime I thought I would share another outlet I’ve been using to help and share ideas in the ever growing community that is Salesforce. Salesforce StackExchange.

It is an increasingly more popular place to ask questions and get answers (in some cases in minutes!), than the usual Salesforce developer forums. If you have not given it a try I recommend you do! There are many experts and also Salesforce employees watching the site and eager to help. It features the ability to rank questions and answers, so unlike typical forums you get a better feel for the quality of both!

Here is a list of a few I’ve been helping with over the last couple of weeks. Of course if you find any of these answers useful feel free to give them whats called an upvote via the little arrows show to the left of the answer. Or even contribute to improve or comment on what you see!

But be warned, if you start contributing, it gets addictive! So don’t leave me any comments saying its taken over my life and my wife / partner is no longer speaking to me! You have been warned!

I’ve added my StackExchange profile to the links in the sidebar.



2 thoughts on “Salesforce StackExchange : Addiction Warning

  1. I’d agree. Addiction is too mild a word. Its a bit like Golum and the Ring !

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