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5 thoughts on “Summer’13 Pre-Release : Metadata API, Tooling API and Apex Mocking?

  1. Andy,

    Any insight into this that may relate to the new “InstalledPackage” mechanism? We have a case created on it but progress there is slow…


    • Hi Keith, I’ve added a comment to the question on StackExchange, I think this is a bug as well, it seems another poster also has a case open. I’ll do a few tests this afternoon an update if I find anything more.

      • Thanks Andrew. Hopefully some momentum can be built up to getting the problem routed within salesforce to someone who knows what has changed and why…

    • Ok I’ve done a bit more research and raise a case of my own, something fishy going on here, more details on the answer I’ve just posted on your StackExchange question.

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