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Savings on Dreamforce 2013 Admission!

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As a MVP I’ve been given a special discount code D13MVPREF for Dreamforce 2013 to pass on. Feel free to pass it around as well, there is no limit to how often it can be used to save  money on your entry to this amazing event!


If your on the fence about Dreamforce 2013, I recommend it 110%, its a huge event and unlike smaller events, the educational cost benefit is very high. Since there are many many developer tracks, code review activities and training sessions.

There is so much content in fact, that an argument could be made that the more people you send the more benefit you get! Also there are many opportunities to discuss with fellow developers and Salesforce employees. In fact you’ll be hard pushed to attend the whole event without bumping shoulders with a Salesforce Product Manager!

If you need any more convincing head over to the official Dreamforce 2013 site!

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