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Preview: Demo of Apex Code Analysis using the Tooling API and Canvas


This weekend I’ve been fleshing out the code for my second Dreamforce 2013 session. I’ve been having a lot of fun with various technologies to create the following demo which I’ve shared a short work in progress video below. The JQuery plugin doing the rendering is js-mindmap, it’s got some quirks I’ve discovered so far, but I’m sticky with it for now!

The session highlights the Tooling API via this tool which can be installed directly into your Salesforce environment via the wonderful Salesforce Canvas technology! This is proposed session abstract …

Dreamforce 2013 Session: Apex Code Analysis using the Tooling API and Canvas

The Tooling API provides powerful new ways to manage your code and get further insight into how its structured. This session will teach you how to use the Tooling API and its Symbol Table to analyse your code using an application integrated via Canvas directly into your Salesforce org — no command line or desktop install required! Join us and take your knowledge of how your Apex code is really structured to the next level!

Technologies involved so far…

I’ve also found the excellent ObjectAid Eclipse plugin (which is sadly a Java source code only tool) to explore the Tooling API data structures in much more detail than the Salesforce documentation currently offers, especially in respect to the SymbolTable structure. I’ll be sharing full code and discussing the following diagram in more detail in my session! In the meantime I’d love to know your thoughts and other ideas around the Tooling API!

Tooling API

8 thoughts on “Preview: Demo of Apex Code Analysis using the Tooling API and Canvas

  1. Very nice. Maybe we could stick our head together and create something like ObjectAid for Apex. Month ago when there was no Tooling API I have build something similar based on the fantastic PlantUML library and with Native Apex:

    My tool is able to create UML class diagrams for Apex Classes:

    and ER-Diagrams for SOBjects

    One could replace my quirky RegExp parsing with the Tooling API and use PlantUML for drawing diagrams.

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