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33 thoughts on “Declarative Lookup Rollup Summary Tool and Custom Metadata

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  2. Andy – This is an super powerful tool. I’ve been leveraging it in few instances to do thing roll-up doesn’t accomplish. I however and a non-trained / certified admin / architect and have it a couple of stumbling blocks. First, I sell through a channel and I’m trying to bubble up the NAME of the VAR that last sold to the account. I’m pulling from System_Integrator__c, a field looked up based on name and only able to get the SF Account Number for that name. How can I get the literal? That done, I want to pull the business pending with VAR. Then I can…… There’s a great degree of functionality that your tool delivers, I only wish I was more proficient in SOQL and structure. Thanks either way.

    • Hi mark, no worries I can help. What do you mean by literal? We can also continue this conv in the Chatter group, see the link on the readme. Thanks

  3. Andy – Reading my comment again, I wasn’t too clear. Sorry. We sell through a channel and on our opportunities, our sales team has to identify the VAR sales rep associated with the deal. Based on the VAR sales rep, I lookup the name of their company- its not a literal entry or perhaps static entry but resolved/looked up value based on the reps name. The product I get leveraging your tool is the SF account id – 001300000017ZbeAAE- not the name. How can I change 001300000017ZbeAAE to VAR 123ABC?

    • Yeah that makes more sense, can you share your rollup detail and info on the fields via chatter screenshot perhaps?

  4. done…. thank you very much for the expert advice. very powerful tool, I wish I had the knowledge / skill to take greater advantage of it. thank you

  5. Andy – I was working on a roll up and for some reason, it will only work when I create or delete the detail record. When I update the detail record the roll up does not update.

    • You have to list the fields that cause it to trigger, by default it’s a change to the rollup field on the child object. Though through the relationship criteria fields field you can list others

  6. Hey Andrew, I just started playing with your awesome declarative lookup rollup tool. Thanks for it. I’m curious will it work with contact roles? If so, I cant seem to figure it out.

  7. Hey Andrew, I am currently using this to count activities completed at the Account level (tasks activity field rolling up to an account count) and looking to roll it out to the Lead and Oppy objects, but not having success. Is there something I am missing here? I used all of the same settings as I did with account, but think that the Relationship Field value of ‘AccountID’ is why this isn’t working on other objects. Any advice on how to get this working on those other objects?

  8. I cannot uninstall this App. I get an error that it is used in Apes Classes:

    Apex Class RollupService Component is in use by another component in your organization. dlrs_CaseTest
    Apex Class RollupService Component is in use by another component in your organization. dlrs_CaseTrigger

  9. I am getting a message that this is no longer available for download. Please advise and send a correct link if it is. Looks like exactly what I need

  10. Hello Andy, Hope you are doing well. We are going to be using this and including the rollups in our managed package. Love the custom metadata!! Anyway, i am trying to pare down the contents to include only what is necessary to run the calculations in the package. I was wondering if the LookupChild and LookupParent objects are really only used in tests? If so, was there a reason you used those objects and not just a pair of standard objects like Account/Contact?

    • Hi I am well thanks! Yeah so those are for testing only, I didn’t use standard objects as they don’t always support the use cases the code needed to test.

  11. I have installed the Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries Tool 2.8 and tried creating the same rollup as shown in video but it’s not giving me any results. (

    Please assist.

  12. Hi,

    Great app, I love it so far!

    One problem I’m having though:
    – I’ve created a Lookup Rollup Summary with Parent object: Account / Child: Task
    – I want to catch the date of the last Activity assigned to the Account Owner in account field: Last_Activity_from_Owner__c
    – In Relationship criteria I have Activity_from_Owner__c = 1 (which is a Task formula field that returns 1 if the task is assigned to the Account owner)
    – in Rollup Details I have Field aggregate “ActivityDate”; Aggregate Operation “Last”.

    I’ve activated the rollup etc. but it seems that it sometimes catch the First activity from the Account Owner and sometime the Last.

    I haven’t been able to identify any difference in the scenario where the First activity is caught vs. when it’s the Last…

    Any suggestions here?

    Thanks in advance!


  13. Hi Andrew ! Did you come up with a solution to copy old rollups to custom metadata? I tried to move them with Data Loader but when I export them, I get an empty file with 0 successes / errors. Thanks in advance, Przemek

  14. Hello, we are interested in this tool, but need to know if it communicates outside of salesforce in regards to the data stored in the fields. I’m not a salesforce professional, however this appears to be apex code sealed inside of salesforce to perform features to improve screen capabilities. Can you confirm this tool does not retain data, particularly outside of the Salesforce Platform. Thank you very much for your response.

  15. Hi Andrew,

    We have the app deployed with version number 2.11 and have configured bunch of rollups. Now, the Rollups doesn’t seem to be working. Can you please advise!

    I have looked up to upgrade the app to see if that solves the issue and I didn’t find the app on appexchange.

    Thank you!

    • Hard go help with no details at all. Please consider giving more information before asking for help. Also use the dlrs community chatter group which is linked from the main GitHub repo readme file. Thank you!

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