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Lightning Out: Components on Any Platform


This blog is my first video blog! Since Salesforce does not record the Developer Theatre sessions at the Salesforce World Tour events i thought i would do a re-run at home of my session last week and publish it here. As you know i have a love for all things API’s, and while I typically focus in this blog on backend API’s, there is one i’ve been keen to explore for a while…

The Lightning Out API, as any good API should, brings great promise and reality i’m pleased to say, to further integrating and extending the power of the platform and generally simplifying our users lives. In this case boldly going where no Lightning Component has gone before….

You can access the slides and thus the links within via this Slideshare upload.

5 thoughts on “Lightning Out: Components on Any Platform

  1. This post shows endless possibilities of Lightning Components. I am very excited to try it out my self. Thanks andy for sharing a component where no component has gone before 🙂

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  3. Hey Andrew thank you for going through in such detail, very helpful! I’m curious about what some of the more common Lightning Out components/use cases you’ve seen used in the past few years?

    • It’s mainly when folks have existing websites and cannot afford to rework them or don’t want to – yet they want to create some more direct integration with their Salesforce instance. Maybe a partner website that has a configuration component and as partner requests find their way into internal teams the same component is also used for back office related processes such as support or sales. Hope this helps.

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