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9 thoughts on “Salesforce: Platform Evolution

  1. Cool.. Looking forward to these session. Just out of curiosity , do you have any books on lightning components , their usability?

  2. I really agree with you Andy, I think in Architectural terms, the platform is offering a wide fork of options, we need to know and try to apply in the correct situations.

    I’m writing as well on Hybrid Architectures using Salesforce Connect and Amazon (could be any Cloud) and the more I know the more options I realize we have.

    Again, thank you very much Andy, and unfortunately I am not going to Dreamforce (company restrictions) I will look forward to read what you see there.

    All the best,

  3. Thanks Andy as always for sharing your thoughts and looking forward to having your share your wisdom at DF17.

  4. Thanks for a great overview of the evolution of this platform. It’s easy to get lost in the details sometimes and take a high level view of how much the platform has evolved towards a real enterprise solution in the last few years!
    I’m curious – around EDA – what do you referring to when you mention Retry Semantics?

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