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17 thoughts on “ Enterprise Architecture Second Edition 

  1. So awesome that this is out. Congratulations on this milestone! Just purchased two prints 🙂

  2. Great work. Just purchased a copy.

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  4. Was waiting for it, purchased on Fri and it seems like Packtpub is selling printed+electronic book for 50% off now – $30.00!

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  6. Hmm… posted on 1st April… this ain’t no April fool!! As that would just be mean! 🙂

  7. I have a copy on my desk! I only recently discovered the fflib repo and I am so grateful that this stuff exists. Brilliant work, you and all the other contributors who made this stuff!

  8. Just purchased 3 copies for our Salesforce Development team! The First Edition was a staple on our desks! Great stuff! Keep it up!

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  10. its an awesome book. However i try to load the source code into my dev org thru Apache ANT. but it failing with some errors. Can you please tell me the order of import the source? like: App ->Object -> Tab -> Apex Class -> Apex Trigger etc… Do we need to follow this order?

    • Can you raise on the GitHub site the error you are getting and I will take a look. Let me know here the issue number when you have thanks. I will get you going again soon! 👍🏻

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