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Branch Support for GitHub Salesforce Deploy Tool


If your not familiar, the GitHub Salesforce Deploy Tool will allow you to place a handy button on your GitHub README files to allow for super easy browser based deployment from your repo to a Salesforce org. Up until now it only worked on the master branch, it now supports branches!


The new support for branches, does in fact cover tags and commits as well. Though only branches are defaulted from the button. If you already have the button on your README file, you will find it now magically starts detecting the branch!


Deploy to Salesforce buttons on branches now work!

If your new to the tool, go to the main page and grab the button code and paste it into your README file.  Or if you want a button you can use explicitly in a blog or article you can fill in the fields and generate it from the same page. As you can see the enhancement adds a new ref parameter to the generated URL. This can be a branch name, tag or commit. You can read more about the tool here.




7 thoughts on “Branch Support for GitHub Salesforce Deploy Tool

  1. Hi Andy, can you consider why I get nulls for all properties reading any object or element.
    Even the simple snippet below returns all nulls. Creating is PERFECT and error free!

    MetadataService.CustomField customField = (MetadataService.CustomField) service.readMetadata(‘CustomField’, new String[] { ‘Lead.picklist__c’ }).getRecords()[0];

    • I don’t believe you can retrieve fields individualy, you need to retrieve the custom object. Strange I know. I will see if I can get confirmation.

  2. Andy, I am using SFDX to manage my app, and would like to use your deploy button to make it easy on user, while avoiding having to create manually the or proper metadata output.
    The solution I found so far is to use travis CI to automatically create a release for each commit with a attached (generated in the build phase). BUT I can use your button to access this zip file as it is not in the tree (even if pointing the button to the created tag, it doesn’t work as the metadata is not in the correct format), only on the release. Essentially I would like the button pointing to /releases/latest, and grabbing the package.xml from there.
    What do you think about adding this feature to your tool? I wouldn’t mind sharing my setup so that other can use the same workflow with DX….

    • My tool does not require package.xml, if it’s not present it will create one in memory. That sad it’s better to have one really, the tool cannot generate the best one sometimes. Support for a in the repo is something that’s not been asked before, but happy for you to add it to the GitHub issues list as an enhancement. 👍🏻

  3. Great tool ! can you deploy private github, gitlab or bitbucket repos using this tool ?

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