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6 thoughts on “Building Robust Dynamic Code with Custom Metadata Field Relationships

  1. Is there anything else required to activate the field definitions .It only shows entity definitions and I am on Spring 17 org

  2. Hi Andy,
    Thank you for this great article on this feature. Also thanks for the various links which are highly useful for understanding the concept. I was always wondering why did Salesforce release Custom Metadata when there is Custom Settings; now I have stronger points to support.

    • No worries Abhilash, glad it help express the value for you. Metadata Relationships have really given the feature a “value” boost for sure!

  3. Another cool use case for this is to define a list of fields via a set of custom metadata type rows that should be cleared on a clone operation. Often one has ‘system-y’ type fields created by triggers/workflows that simply don’t apply on a clone operation (for example, cloning an Opportunity and clearing the PO_Number__c field). The admin can add to the list of __mdt rows without ever having to touch the underlying apex code

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