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Adding Clicks not Code Extensibility to your Apex with Lightning Flow


Building solutions on the Lightning Platform is a highly collaborative process, due to its unique ability to allow Trailblazers in a team to operate in no code, low code and/or code environments. Lightning Flow is a Salesforce native tool for no code automation and Apex is the native programming language of the platform — the code!

A flow author is able to create no-code solutions using the Cloud Flow Designer tool that can query and manipulate records, post Chatter posts, manage approvals, and even make external callouts. Conversely using Salesforce DX, the Apex developer can, of course, do all these things and more! This blog post presents a way in which two Trailblazers (Meaning a flow author and an Apex developer) can consider options that allow them to share the work in both building and maintaining a solution.

Often a flow is considered the start of a process — typically and traditionally a UI wizard or more latterly, something that is triggered when a record is updated (via Process Builder). We also know that via invocable methods, flows and processes can call Apex. What you might not know is that the reverse is also true! Just because you have decided to build a process via Apex, you can still leverage flows within that Apex code. Such flows are known as autolaunched flows, as they have no UI.


I am honored to have this blog hosted on the Salesforce Blog site.  To continue reading the rest of this blog head on over to blog post here.


5 thoughts on “Adding Clicks not Code Extensibility to your Apex with Lightning Flow

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  2. I left a message here a few days ago and have not received a reply. My Declarative Rollup Summary app in Salesforce is not working and Salesforce is not able to help and has sent me to this website. The Error is
    Salesforce Metadata API connection failure, click the link below to configure.
    Would love to get a response.

  3. I decided to give Process Builder yet another chance to become a centerpiece of the logic and ran into the following issues:
    1) I created an invocable method to lock the records that accepts list of string as input, but Process Builder fails when I submit RecordId as Apex Variable for the method – how do I suppose to create a list in the Process Builder to bulkify it?
    2) In your FilterAccounts Flow example SomeRecords is SObject Variable – shouldn’t it be SObject Collection Variable to go thru a loop? How does Flow bulkification work?
    3) In my Flow (called from Process Builder) I set Stage Completion dates values on Stage change, but I also have to erase date values if Stage is downgraded. Assigning blank value to the date field does nothing, as well as assigning a date constant or variable with an empty default values – how it can be done in a Flow?

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