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Dreamforce 2013, bring it on!

Dreamforce 2012 was my 3rd and also my best ever! Not only was it bigger and better in almost every aspect. Which in itself was great, but to witness in such a tangible and visual way such significant incremental growth in just 4 short years was just an amazing and inspiring feeling!

My personal involvement grew from 1 shared session to 2 owned sessions this year. Then looking at it in respect to R&D contributions that figure rises to 6 sessions! I am very proud to be part of such a great industry event and find myself already thinking what contributions can be even bigger and bolder for Dreamforce 2013!

I’ve uploaded my slide decks below and of course you can visit the githib repos for all the sample code and updates from the event. Finally if you fancy reading about my ramblings on the plane home checkout my ‘Implementing Dreamforce’ blog on here!