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6 thoughts on “Automating Org Setup via Process Builder and Metadata API

  1. Hey Andy,

    The utility to create the majority of a visual workflow is a novel idea. We are currently going down that path. We first have developed a generic data model which can be loaded via a flow within your flow. The next area is very clunky and why we are looking to automate this. A flow can have N number of fields and all get rolled up and put into this generic data model via a save flow.

    Couple of questions if I may:

    1) Any way to to get/set values on a variable or a field (for visual workflow) via the plugin interface or Invocable methods? Plugin (ie. Process.PluginRequest via the invoke method) seems a bit more ideal for a generic model due to not having to have an explicit named instance of a flow (ie. Interview.MyFlow). Currently each flow we create has to have assignment elements for the loading and saving based on the N number of fields.

    2) Do you have anything started to consume the metadata wsdl and stub out a flow? This is my next step as the developers surely hate me, but will not admit it due to the spaghetti flows they have to setup now.

    • Hey Jeremy, sorry for the late response, been a bit slammed lately. I’ve had a read of your first question a couple of times, sorry but i am struggling to know what you mean, can you elaborate further? Regarding consuming Metadata API generally from flow, its a little tricky given the current constrains around the method signature and data structure supported by Invocable Methods, so a direct exposure is not possible. It would have to be via some custom invocable methods designed specifically as per the one in my blog, i think…. Interested in your thoughts?

  2. Excellent post! You and Simon said at the World Tour you would post some of the issues and limitations with Invocable methods. That would be a great help if you can do that

    • Yes check my other posts on Invocable Methods for this. I will update with the one Simon’s ideas in due course as well.

  3. It’s not really invocable apex (it’s better). Adding campaign members and adding opportunity contact roles from process builder is annoying as you get flow errors if they are already added. So I have a couple of flows that I use to add records. It does a lookup first to check for existence before adding it. Maybe useful for the invocable library

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