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8 thoughts on “Introducing the Dynamic Flow Component

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  2. Thank you for sharing great article related to dynamic flow. i want to contribute article related to salesforce.

  3. Your video tells us how to create a childrecord via the Utility bar. We want to make a button (on account for example) that calls the flow that creates a child record (opp) and opens that record. Can you tell us how to do that

    • Sure just drag the Component on the record page and it will Work just the same. If you want an actual button displayed along with the others, that’s something on my backlog

  4. @Wilfred Lammers

    As of Spring 18 can create a button to launch your flow via Quick Actions

  5. This is really great idea. One thing I can’t seem to get passed is its use in custom objects that end in Customobjectname__c. How does one add it as a custom metadata type under Setup?

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