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21 thoughts on “Introducing the Dynamic Flow Component

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  2. Thank you for sharing great article related to dynamic flow. i want to contribute article related to salesforce.

  3. Your video tells us how to create a childrecord via the Utility bar. We want to make a button (on account for example) that calls the flow that creates a child record (opp) and opens that record. Can you tell us how to do that

    • Sure just drag the Component on the record page and it will Work just the same. If you want an actual button displayed along with the others, that’s something on my backlog

  4. @Wilfred Lammers

    As of Spring 18 can create a button to launch your flow via Quick Actions

  5. This is really great idea. One thing I can’t seem to get passed is its use in custom objects that end in Customobjectname__c. How does one add it as a custom metadata type under Setup?

    • Have you tried putting Customobjectname__c into the Dynamic Flow Component Name field?

      • I hit the same issue–
        When you add a custom object name, like Invoices__c, to the Dynamic Flow Component Name field (as directed in the utility bar message) the error returned is:
        “Custom Metadata Record Name: The Dynamic Flow Component API Name can only contain underscores and alphanumeric characters. It must be unique, begin with a letter, not include spaces, not end with an underscore, and not contain two consecutive underscores.”

        Second note: instructions say that you have to tell the component that your flow is an autolaunched flow, by marking the custom metadata record somehow, but there’s no field in the metadata record that seems to be for that purpose.

        Thanks! Once I solve this, I’ll write up a blog to use this tool to redirect to the child record from the standard New record UI. I hope! 🙂

      • Ok let me take a look at this, will get back to you soon.

      • This has been fixed in v2.5. Also in this release, you do not need any special consideration for auto-launched flows, so do not worry about what the instructions say in respect to this. I will update the instructions to remove this reference.

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  8. Hi Andrew– Thanks for that fix– custom objects are now working w/ the _custom in the custom metadata record name!

    I am finally coming back to this… with some questions. Our business case is to navigate to a Child record after creating it from the Parent screen.

    My end goal is to autolaunch the flow after creating a child record with an action. I’m using a Process, not an action, to launch the flow. I have a feeling I am taking it out of its comfort zone (or making a dumb mistake!) because it isn’t currently working.

    This is not a Summer 19 sandbox. Here are the pieces I have set up:

    ~Action which creates a child Invoice__c from parent Contract. (I don’t want to use the Utility bar & a visual flow there because an admin has to maintain the fields over time and flow is a bit much for them. Action layout is easy).

    ~A process which fires on the creation of an Invoice. All it does is fire the flow I set up for Dynamic Flow Component. It passes in the ID of the Invoice just created to the flow

    ~ A Flow which:
    1. Finds the Invoice record via the passed in ID, assigns it to an sObject variable
    2. Calls the event navigateToSObject and passes in the parameter of the ID of the Invoice from that SO variable
    *A debug of this flow shows that the right IDs all end up where they should, including the event navigateTo parameter.

    ~Custom metadata record for Contract (the parent– took me a while to realize even when autolaunching i should build this off the parent not Invoice). This is marked as an autolaunch flow.
    *The only part I can’t tell if I need is the “Autolaunched output variables”-I don’t see that in docs and it looks like you retired it maybe? I had to pull the is autolaunch & that field back in to layout because the instructions seem to indicate you needed it back when I first started this. I’ve tried putting my one new variable, the invoice record sobject variable in there, but it doens’t seem to make a difference

    ~Deployed the class & test class on the Flow Factory tab (removed and redeployed after making changes even, but doesn’t look from the class like taht would matter)

    It’s not redirecting. I looked at a debug log. It runs the action, then the process, then the flow, but the DFC is never called.

    Any ideas? Can it just not be fired in such a way where you are firing the flow via a Process? THANKS!

  9. Hi- Thanks, I had seen that. The issue is that we aren’t using a visual flow in the utility bar (or elsewhere on the page); we are trying to navigate to the child after creating it with an action. It works great in the utility bar/flow scenario, but this is a low level admin who would find updating the flow to adjust fields & default values challenging over time. I wanted to give her an action instead.

    Simple plan:
    Action creates child record
    Process calls the Flow that is set up like yours, except the variables are coming from the process
    Flow is supposed to redirect, doesn’t


    • So unless the flow is used within this component those redirect variables will do nothing I am afraid.

  10. I’m trying to find a solution that will run a flow and then highlight / select Macros in the utility bar. It seems like that should be possible with this? I haven’t been able to get the utility bar highlight to work in the flow, which is likely an error on my end. However, can the utility functionality highlight the Macros utility item or will it only highlight the flow utility item?

    • It just highlights itself. Though the utility bad api does expose all utilities. So it’s possible with an enhancement. Though this will just highlight it not a specific macro.

  11. I’m interesting in this feature: By setting the optional variable flowtb_flow to the name of a given Flow, the DFC will automatically run that flow when the current one completes. This allows you to dynamically control which screen Flow to run based on record details

    I added your flow component to the lightning record page, that launches an autolaunch flow that looks at the record details. IF the opportunity is in a certain stage I want a screen flow to run. However, I cannot figure out how to link the autolaunch flow to the screenflow (I can’t use the subflow element).

    if I use your component to launch the screenflow, then the screen only shows up in that portion of the lightning record page and I want the screen to be the entire page.

    Is that possible?

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