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26 thoughts on “Unlocking the Lightning Experience Utility Bar

  1. Brilliant !! Awesome as usual sir 🙂 .Staying on top of things !

  2. The deploy button wants me to login with prod creds… out Winter 17 is in a preview full sandbox. I change the login from login to test but when i get to the deploy step I get an “oops something went wrong”. how can i install to sandbox via the button?

  3. Thanks for the feedback Andrew! I’m a Product Design Architect on the UX team here at Salesforce working on the Utility Bar experience. Glad you are liking what you see so far. Love the continued feedback!

    • Your welcome! And thank you Adam, for such a great feature!

      Do you know when there will be any more formal documentation on the decarator attribtues and/or any additional events the components can use when within the utility bar?

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  5. Hi @Andrew!
    Thanks for this clarifying post about the new Utility Bar, it comes right on time because I need it for my work. However, I’m unable to see it right now on my org. I followed every step you mentioned and also those in this page, but still can’t make the Utility Bar visible on my demo app. I’m only able to see aura components and deploy them individually to my home page, but nothing like the screenshots you placed on your post.
    What am I possibly missing?
    Thanks in advance

    • Have you tried deploying my sample app as a test? By clicking the Deploy to Salesforce button.

      • Hi Andrew, thanks for your quick replay. Instead of deploying using your button I downloaded files from your repo and deployed using workbench and the process was successful. Then I enabled Utility Bar for that app and that was it, but the “status bar” never showed up. Can’t figure it out…
        Thanks again

  6. Excellent resource – thanks for sharing. One of the (many) reasons we have not yet explored lightning is because we have a few ‘always available’ custom sidebar components that our users use on a regular basis. I’ve converted these to utility bar panels which works beautifully!

    I was wondering if you’ve discovered a way to minimize a panel from the controller, though. One of my panels opens a new page and I’d like the panel to minimize once the redirect has happened. Any thoughts?

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  9. Can a utility bar added to custom Lightning App developed thru developer console ? Instead of a Flexi App Page which is built thru App builder ?

    • No, actually a Lightning app created though dev console is more like a standalone page with a .app URL. To use the utility bar in spring 17 you can now go to App Manager under Setup and create a Lightning App, there is a step in the wizard to assign which Lightning components live in the utility bar. It’s confusing I know, same name for different things. Hope this makes sense.

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  11. Is there any way to pop up the components of utility bar e.g. CTI Spftphone on a custom event.

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  14. Hi Andrew,
    can we capture the scroll bar movement on utility bar item?
    ex: i am showing list of items on a lightning card in the Utilitybar item lightning component.
    i’ve provided refresh as one of the feature.

    Now when user scroll down to the nth element of the iteration and clicks on refresh
    i wanted my scroll bar to be moved to the top of the list item.( should scroll up )
    any suggestions?

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